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3 Ingenious Tools + 5 Minutes = No More Facebook Account Hacks

Everybody uses Facebook.  And because everybody has so many Facebook friends, everybody knows someone who has experienced a Facebook account hacked at one time or another.

Take a look at this chart of monthly searches relevant to facebook security.  Almost 10 times as many searches for hacking your Facebook account than protecting it!

facebook account hack search terms
facebook account hack search terms

What almost nobody knows is that Facebook has several clever and easy to setup features that make these types of Facebook account hacks a thing of the past.  Click on the links for easy setup instructions from Facebook themselves.  Enabling all 3 of these should take you 5 minutes:

  • Login Alerts – You can be instantly notified if someone logs into your account from a new computer or device.  Whenever a bad guy logs in to your account, they won’t be using your phone.  Unless they stole it, in which case this service won’t help.  But it will help if your account is hacked, which can happen if your password is poor or otherwise divulged.  Happens all the time, right?
  • 2-Factor Authentication, aka Login Approval – Only slightly annoying, but offers maximum protection against unwanted logins.  In theory makes Login Alerts and Facebook account hacks obsolete, unless the bad guys have your phone.  2FA should be required for important accounts.  I highly recommend it for everyone’s account.  Learn more about 2FA here.
  • Trusted Contacts – If you ever forget your password, friends you designate in advance can help you log back into your account.  But they can’t login to your account themselves.  Pretty cool, but should be unnecessary if you are properly using a password manager, explained in my upcoming eBook.

There is some good information on security and privacy in general in that same Facebook area.

Some of this semi-hidden information may be coming to a popup screen near you.  Last week Facebook announced their new Security Checkup program.

We invest considerable resources to create a safe and secure experience for everyone on Facebook. That means building security technologies directly into our platform that are always working to protect your information, as well as offering tools you can use to increase your account security.

Today, we are starting to test a new tool that quickly guides you through a few of the options that anyone can access on their security settings page. If you see the test, you will be able to change your password, turn on login alerts, and clean up login sessions simply by clicking through the screen prompts. Based on feedback, we hope to make Security Checkup available more broadly and whenever you want to use it.

Between this new checkup and the security content we recently added to Facebook Privacy Basics, it’s easier than ever to find the information you want about how we protect your account and what tools are available to you.

Here’s what the screen will look like:

Facebook Security Checkup
Facebook Security Checkup coming to a popup near you

With all 3 tools enabled, Facebook account hacks should be a thing of the past.  These are tools you definitely want to take advantage of, and it should take you less than 5 minutes to set them all up.  What are you waiting for?

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