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Create Disposable Chatrooms with Hack Chat

If you need a private internet chatroom (Facebook Chat and Lync IM are NOT private), you need to check out Hack Chat.  It is dirt simple to use and totally free.  Just concoct a chatroom name and distribute the corresponding URL.

For example, let’s say you choose a chatroom called lk8a–afe.  You simply alert your chat buddies to go to–afe.

It’s that simple.  No record of the chatroom’s existence is saved by Hack Chat, neither is any message history.

hackchat homescreen
hackchat homescreen

If you’re REALLY concerned with privacy

Of course records of the chatroom’s existence will be recorded forever by your email provider, or however you choose to broadcast it.  Just choose a chatroom name that’s sufficiently random and change it up every so often.  Perform those chat’s behind a VPN and avoid personal details in the chat if you are really concerned.

Try it now, bookmark for a rainy day.

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