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Do NOT Pay the Ransom on Power Worm Virus

There’s a new version of ransomware  out there that is particularly nasty.  Because of a bug in the code, after the Power Worm virus encrypts all of your data, it cannot decrypt it.  The BBC tells us:

Power Worm infects Microsoft Word and Excel files but the latest poorly written update of it goes after many more types of data files it finds on a victim’s machine.

Malware researcher Nathan Scott discovered the variant and uncovered the mistakes its creator made when updating it.

Mr Scott believes the errors arose when the creator tried to simplify the decryption process. They tried to make it use just one decryption key but mangled the process of generating it. As a result, there is no key created for the files it encrypts when it compromises a computer.

“There is unfortunately nothing that can be done for victims of this infection,” wrote malware researcher Lawrence Abrams on the Bleeping Computer tech news website. “If you have been affected by this ransomware, your only option is to restore from a back-up.”

Mr Abrams said anyone hit by Power Worm should not pay the 2 bitcoin (about £500) ransom it asks for because they will not get any data back.

I wonder if Power Worm customer support is pretty busy these days refunding all those bitcoins?

Instead of paying the ransomware to Power Worm, consider spending that money on a backup system so that you will never have to worry about ransomware again.  Also consider running your internet-facing software in Sandboxie so that ransomware cannot even infect you.

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