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Heartbleed scare made little difference

A year ago the internet security profession was inundated with the worst bug ever.  Dubbed heartbleed by people who get to name these things, the vulnerability kept secret information such as login credentials available to hackers in unencrypted memory.  If you were unlucky enough to login to the wrong website, hackers could steal your login and password, and potentially other Personally Identifiable Information.

InfoSecurity News notes:

So did the global coverage of Heartbleed result in Internet users sitting up and paying more attention to the dangers of weak passwords and, more importantly, did they act on it?

Worryingly, it appears that the vast majority of consumers have not made any changes at all. We carried out anonymised research of the world’s top 100 websites and were able to examine how many password changes had been put into effect in the past year.

On average, only 6% of consumers took the decision to change their levels of password security. Alarmingly low. The same also goes for internet users across the pond in the US, with a recent poll reporting that a shocking 87% of online users have not even heard of Heartbleed.

All the techies I know were talking about this.  All the techies I know changed their passwords and made them doubly secure.  But not the general populace.

This is a testament to why this site exists.  To help people become aware that there’s a problem, and to show them step-by-step how to secure themselves online.

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