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How a SmartWatch Could Track Your Keyboard Entries

Recently some researchers from the University of Illinois built a demonstration app that uses the Samsung smartwatch’s built-in accelerometers to record how a hand wearing the watch moves across a computer keyboard.  With that information they were able to predict what keys that hand was pressing.  And with that information they were able to predict what the user was typing.

Although the research was performed on a Samsung device, there’s no reason any other smartwatch couldn’t be compromised the same way.

This is a concept hack.  I really doubt that your smartwatch is contaminated by this kind of malware right now.  But in the future, it sure could.

In theory there should be no danger in having this device figure out your passwords.  Well, as long as you are following our good GOAL password advice.  If you are still using poor passwords you have more trouble in store for you than a deviant smartwatch can deliver.

I’m sure a compromised smartwatch can do much more direct damage to your online life without needing to predict what you’re typing.

The main point here is that ALL of your devices are under attack.  You need to be aware of that situation and not

But if you are concerned, our advice is:

  • Turn off the accelerometers in your smartwatch when you are typing, if you can.
  • Take off your watch when you are typing.
  • Do you really need one of these things?
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