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TAKE ACTION: Windows 10 Riddled with Privacy Concerns

Now we realize why they are giving it away for free

Late last year people read the Windows 10 Terms of Service and noticed that Microsoft was telling you that they implemented a keylogger.  The internet erupted in disbelief at the total disregard for privacy and security.  Microsoft and the mainstream media quelled the uproar by saying that the keylogger (yes, they have an active keylogger) was only there to take data on how the beta version of the OS was working.  When the release came out, the keylogger would be disabled.

Well, we certainly all felt better after that.

The official release of Windows 10 is here, and it is riddled with privacy concerns, including an apparently still active keylogger.  Especially if you already installed Windows 10, please take a look at this video from on how many difference privacy breaches have been found so far in this new OS and how to disable them:

A few comments on the video:

  • It is amazing there are so many privacy intrusions that are enabled by default.
  • As the video recommends, disable them all even if you don’t plan on using them.  Other software might borrow code libraries from Catana or Project Spartan.
  • Do you trust a company like Microsoft (or anyone, for that matter) to keep your data private?  All the EULAs say they send your information to 3rd parties for processing.  We never know who those 3rd parties are, what their privacy and security policies are.  Do you think Microsoft is going to claim responsibility if there’s a breach at the 3rd party?  Ha!
  • Red Gaming Tech disabled quite a bit.  Who is to say they got it all?
  • Enables and disables can be changed in software patches.  You will have to check these settings every time there is a patch, which will be quite often.

The policy we advocate here at Easy Security Online is never to be a first adopter of any new technology.  Let the security and privacy concerns sort themselves out first.  Let me translate that for you:  Do NOT install Windows 10 this year.  Perhaps not even next year.

More details in Red Gaming Tech’s accompanying article.

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