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Trend Micro Antivirus Does More Harm Than Good

If you are using Trend Micro Antivirus for Windows, you should uninstall it and get something else.  At least until they make major architectural repairs to the terrible security flaws discovered by the Google security team.

Their product loads a password manager by default on startup, and it is fraught with problems.  Even if you never use the password manager, it’s still running and availing your computer to all sorts of remote code execution vulnerabilities.

Remote code execution is a term for when a hacker can break into your system and use it to run whatever code they want, including new malicious code that the hackers themselves install.  These programs can do anything – from encrypting your hard drive and holding it for ransom to participating in attacks on other computers to logging your keystrokes and sending them out to the hacker’s home office.

Google got a quick but unsatisfactory response from Trend Micro.  They offered a patch, which fixed the vulnerability.  But it was like a band-aid on a severed arm – there are plenty more vulnerabilities lurking.  The full collection can’t really be patched.  It’s an architectural issue that will take time to redo from the ground up.

Our advice – use a different antivirus.

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