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Turn on 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

What a great infographic!

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) augments your standard username/password pair to gain access to important accounts.  If you do online banking or would otherwise suffer incredible damage because of a breach, you definitely should have 2FA enabled.

Typically you use your phone as the second authentication factor.  Here’s how it works:

  • You login to your account with your normal username and password
  • Website sends your phone a special code via text message, or maybe there’s an app on your phone that generates one
  • You type in that code on the next website screen
  • You’re in!

The infographic below spends a lot of real estate talking about how poor people’s password policies are.  Which is definitely true.  But even if you follow all of the steps in my upcoming eBook to use true best practices around your passwords, 2FA is still a must have for important accounts.  More importantly, getting 2FA does NOT mean that you should relax your password best practices!

Turn On 2FA Infographic
Turn On 2-Factor Authentication Infographic
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